Eurocheval - Pre Night 2021

On the evening before the eurocheval, the pre-night will take place again.

With the pre-night, the eurocheval begins atmospherically in the TerraTex ring, which has been the heart of the outdoor area since the last event.

The pre-night and the GALA show will have different content, so that both program highlights create significant added value for the visitors. This time,you too, have the opportunity to reserve a place on the ring terrace and enjoy the show with a 3-course menu.


Pre-Night Program

Western riding is enjoying increasing popularity among recreational riders as well as in tournament sports.The pre-night in the coming year will also address this topic.

Jan & Kathi Zweers bring the visitors closer to western riding. TWith their team, they demonstrate how a western horse and a western rider are trained in the various areas and how it can be perfected. The different riding styles and working with cattle are shown in a total of three blocks.

Jan Zweers, born in Utrecht, completed his training in Colorado. He graduated from the United States before coaching Steve Schwarzenberger (Colorado), Billy Allen (Kansas) and Jack Rydberg (Colorado). Jan Zweers achieved many victories and placements in cutting, reining, trail and western riding, such as the French championship title in the trail.

“L'Ecurie de la Cantera” with Loic Teutsch guarantees show effects for the pre-night. Here cowboys and Indians find their way into the ring and will delight the visitors with their freedom dressage, comedy and trick riding. Loic Teutsch has been a passionate rider since he was young and has always been attracted to riding shows. He had the chance to learn from big names like Frederic Pignon and Jean-Marc Imbert. His professional career began in 2000 and he has completed well over 5,000 shows across Europe. Today he is considered a very popular chorographic artist and live act.